Facilitate International Development, Boost Device Innovation – CCRC is Invited to Participate in the “Forum on Internationalization of Specialized Clinical Service CROs”

To improve the clinical service level of CROs in Shanghai and promote high-quality development of Shanghai biopharma industry, Shanghai Center for Biomedicine Development held the “Forum on Internationalization of Specialized Clinical Service CROs” under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, and Shanghai Medical Products Administration, to provide a platform for industrial exchanges and discussions on boosting the development of Shanghai’s CRO industry.

Mr. Guo Gongjian, Chairman of CCRC, and Ms. Yuan Qianhui, General Manager of CCRC were invited to participate in the forum as representatives of Shanghai medical device CROs.

With the continuous progress of medical technology and the increased attention to peoples’ health worldwide, medical device enterprises and CROs are embracing the trend of internationalization. Internationalization is not only an inevitable choice for medical devices, but also an important driving force to promote the development of the whole industry.

As a leading medical device CRO in China, CCRC always adheres to the principle of deep integration of talent, innovation and industrial chains in the process of internationalization, and establishes bridges for international communication based on its high-caliber clinical project management and its ability to integrate informatization worldwide, so as to assist the device R&D enterprises to successfully tap into overseas medical device markets.

By integrating the years of experience in working with top-layer domestic and overseas medical device enterprises and the resources accumulated during the process, CCRC will contribute its share in accelerating the transformation and commercialization of clinically-needed medical device products, and make continuous efforts in boosting the internationalization of the medical device cluster in Shanghai and the whole country, and promoting the high-quality development of the medical device industry!