Therapeutic Area

Therapeutic Area

CCRC is committed to accelerating the clinical research process of domestic and foreign medical device enterprises and scientific institutions. The clinical research projects we have served basically realized the full coverage of the therapeutic areas, which has been widely recognized and affirmed by customers at home and abroad.

*Note:Data run until December 2023

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Project Introduction

• Noninvasive CT fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurement system
• FFR microcatheter and physiological parameter detector
• Steep Pulse Ablation System
• Multi-channel pulsed field ablation system and ablation catheter
• High-pressure triple-guidewire cutting balloon
• Sirolimus-eluting coronary stent system
• Intracoronary Electrohydraulic Shockwave Balloon Catheter/Electrohydraulic Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) System
• Paclitaxel Releasing PTCA Balloon
• Intracranial drug-eluting stent system
• Coronary function measurement system
• Integrated wave micro-magnetic field therapeutic device
• Interventional artificial biological heart valve
• Transcatheter aortic valve system
• Pulse wave sphygmomanometer
• Wearable dynamic ECG recorder
• Cardiovascular optical coherence tomography (OCT) system
• Cardiac radiofrequency ablation (RFA) catheter
• Disposable fixed electrophysiology catheter
• Left atrial appendage (LAA) occluder
• Coronary dilatation catheter
• Percutaneously inserted transvalvular ventricular assist device

Project Introduction

• Carotid artery stent

• Abdominal aortic stent graft and delivery system

• Vena cava filter

• Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) catheter

Project Introduction

• Acrylic resin bone cement

• Bone screw

• Interference screw

• Carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK anterior cervical plate system

Project Introduction

• Poly-lactic acid (PLA) Dermal filler

• Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler

• Needle-free injector

• Injectable hydroxyapatite microspheres

Project Introduction

• Electrolytic detachable coil
• Optical coherence tomography (OCT) system and single-use intravascular imaging catheter
• Direct arterial therapy for acute ischemic stroke with large vessel occlusion (AIS-LVO)
• Absorbable hemostatic fluid gelatin
• Assistant stent for intracranial aneurysm embolization
• Intracranial thrombectomy stent system
• Self-expanding intracranial drug-eluting stent system
• Intracranial visualized stent
• Intracranial drug-coated balloon dilatation catheter
• Intravascular closed catheter
• Vascular reconstruction device
• Flow diversion embolization device
• Thrombus aspiration catheter
• Cerebrovascular drug-eluting stent system
• Liquid embolic agent
• Intracranial vascular stent

Project Introduction

• Endoscopic surgery robot

• Vascular interventional surgery robot

• Laparoscopic-endoscopic surgery system

• Robotic prostate biopsy system

• Orthopedic navigation system

• AI detection system for gynecological microecology

• Noninvasive fraction flow reserve (FFR) measurement software

Project Introduction

• Radio frequency ablation (RFA) system

• Airway cryoablation catherter

• Hydrogen-oxygen nebulizer

Project Introduction

• Fluid balance monitoring system

• Haemodiafilter

• Intraocular lens

• Digestive tract vibrating capsule system

• Disposable endoscopic injection needle

• Bone level dental implant system

• Gastric bypass stent

• Degradable drug-eluting stent system for sinus use

• Magnetic-controlled colon endoscope