Ms. Julia Yuan, General Manager of CCRC, was invited to attend the TOSSM&ASSA&KSES Combined Meeting 2023

CCRC shares experiences in the development of the Sports medicine industry worldwide

At 8 July 2023, TOSSM & ASSA & KSES (Thai Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, Asean Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy, and Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society, three authoritative international societies of Sports medicine) Combined Meeting 2023 came to a successful conclusion after 3 consecutive days of incredible view exchanges under the theme of “Driving Excellence and Innovations in Sports Medicine”. Nearly 1000 clinical experts and scholars from dozens of countries all over the world gathered in Pattaya, Thailand, exchanging ideas, experiences and techniques on the development of Sports medicine worldwide.

As the only representative of China CRO companies, Ms. Yuan Qianhui, General Manager of CCRC, shared her ideas and visions in “Driving Sports Medicine Innovation And Development” at the meeting. She expressed that although Sports medicine in China started late and the market size in China is still small at present compared with European and American countries, its influence on the global Sports medicine market is gradually increasing with its recognition, continuous development and popularization. Some orthopedic enterprises in China have been tapping into the market of Sports medicine, but their scale expansion speed is relatively slow due to insufficient market awareness, long product registration cycle and other factors.

In recent years, ‘National Fitness’ to be achieved by adopting the “Nationwide Physical Fitness Program” has gradually become a consensus in the whole society. ‘Integration of sports and medicine’ has been included as a national policy in the ‘Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan’. The Outline of ‘China’s 14th Five-Year Plan’ has placed “Health Promotion Through Sports and Medical Treatment Integration” in a prominent position in building a leading sports power and physically fit nation. China has realized the importance of innovation and industrialization in the field of Sports medicine, and believes that there will be great spaces for development in regulations, industry awareness, industrial chain and the related third-party CRO service companies in the future.


CCRC is well prepared to face the opportunities and challenges in the development of the Sports medicine. It will also help enterprises to identity the risks in the process of product registration, save time and costs in product R&D, accelerate the pace of product registration, and further help Sports medicine enterprises to achieve “win-win” based on its years of experiences in professional CRO service!