Comprehensively Strengthening the Technological Innovation and Achievements Transformation in Neurosurgery — CCRC was invited to participate the ITMNS Innovation Training Program

Subtitle: To provide clinicians with a better understanding of the pathways of innovative technology transformation, build an innovative thinking framework, and further promote the exchanges of “industry, universities, research institutions, hospitals, policy

After the publication of the “Healthy China 2030” blueprint, medical innovation and transformation have received much attention, and the state and medical institutions have been continuously increasing their investment in medical scientific research, and as a result, the reserve of medical innovation achievements has been continuously enriched. However, the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements to clinical application is obviously insufficient as neurosurgery related equipment and facilities are still dependent on import, and there is still a huge gap in independent innovation and transformation capacity of China when compared with the developed countries such as European countries and the United States. Therefore, interdisciplinary convergence of medical engineering has a bright prospect, and it is also the trend of medical development. Promoting the “Interdisciplinary Convergence of Medical Engineering” and facilitating the transformation of scientific research achievements to clinical application and accelerating their industrial production is the only way to make the technological innovation achievements really works in clinical practice.

To encourage medical innovation among neurosurgeons, the 2023 “Innovation and Industrial Production Acceleration” innovation training program initiated and organized by the Society of Innovation and Translational Medicine in Neurological Surgery, Chinese Aging Well Association (ITMNS) was successfully launched in Wuhan on July 15. Professor Chen Jincao, President of Brain Hospital & Director of Neurosurgery, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, and Professor Chen Qianxue, Director of Neurosurgery, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, attended and delivered speech.

Ms. Zhang Shupei, head of CCRC Registration Affairs Department, was invited and delivered a technical speech

Ms. Zhang Shupei, head of the Registration Affairs Department of CCRC, was invited to participate in the “innovation training program” and delivered a technical speech under the title of “CMDE Special Review Procedures for Innovative Medical Devices and Green Channel”, to help medical institutions, R & D institutions and manufacturers to understand the application and review procedures of innovative medical devices, key points to be noted and corresponding measures that can be taken. She also explains the “green channel” policy of prioritizing review procedures to improve the efficiency and success rate of innovative products, so as to provide the clinicians with a comprehensive understanding of the transformation pathways of innovative technology, build an innovative thinking framework, and further promote the exchange of “industry, universities, research institutions, hospitals, policy makers, and investors”.

ITMNS “Innovation and Industrial Production Acceleration” Innovation Training Program include four training sessions to be conducted from July to October 2023.

We sincerely invite experts as well as young and middle-aged doctors in the “industry, universities, research institutions, hospitals, policy makers, and investors” in the field of neurology to be actively involved in promoting the development and industrial production process of inventions and innovations of patents in neurosurgery field, and to help neurosurgery clinicians to build an innovative thinking framework of clinical needs – innovative ideas – innovative design – innovative patent through these trainings, and make joint efforts to stimulate the innovative development of neurosurgery industry!